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For different working pressures boilers, to have a separate steam pipes and water pipes, respectively. If when a combination of the main steam pipe, the steam pipe to be fitted with high pressure apparatus and the automatic depressurization safety device that prevents the low-pressure side of the overpressure. When the water pressure does not exceed 20% of the maximum pressure, the system can feed water to the boiler feed water from the total.

Customer Service Manager to show the party fast self-developed cloud services 3.0 system, customer management, manufacturing orders, tracking shipments, commissioning monitoring, data analysis, development of online features such as warranty, the boiler has become a "butler." For the convenience of the user to monitor operation of the boiler, combine mobile phone user habits, to invest in developing mobile client APP, to achieve fault repair, maintenance reminders, data entry, work order tracking and other functions, allowing users real-time dynamic control of the boiler.

First of all, pay attention to safety regulations, gas boiler should pay attention to the use of safe fuel, electricity; In contrast, the general election need to reduce the number of gas-fired boilers for gas requirements of sensitive issues, a lot of energy, design issues become more complex, selected gas boiler, pay attention to certain parameters is a relatively routine procedure.

10 tph WNS series condensing gas-fired steam boiler project for agriculture industry

Confronted with the increasingly severe environmental protection policies, ZOZEN has made progress in the research and development of technologies in recent years. WNS series gas-fired boilers with features of high efficiency and low emissions are preferred by the industrial boiler market. This series of boiler uses a radiant heating surface to increase the heat transfer coefficient. Besides, the boiler adopts high-efficient threaded flue tubes to slow down the flue gas flow rate and fully absorb heat. In addition, energy-saving devices are equipped at the tail of the flue to increase the thermal efficiency to above 98%. The efficiency is superior to international energy efficiency standard. Moreover, the advanced low NOx burner greatly reduces the emission of NOx to 30 mg/m. The ultra low emission provides guarantees for clean production and sustainable development of enterprises.

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