1 ton gas hot boilers for hotels heating in Tangerang

For 1 ton hot boilers for hotels heating in tangerang burners, you know how much: the burner is one of the important equipment a decision whether the normal operation of the boiler, burner now divided into oil burners, gas burners and dual fuel burners (also known as two oil and gas burner). Users in the purchase of the boiler, burner should be judged, then, how much do you know about the knowledge burner it? Here to talk to you one by a small series. Burners belonging to a higher degree of automation of the electromechanical equipment, which need to achieve a functional point of view, can be divided into five systems: air supply system, ignition system, monitoring system, a fuel system and electric control system.

What is the difference between the gas 1 ton hot boilers for hotels heating in tangerang and coal-fired boiler? Whether gas or coal can be used as fuel for boilers, however, named according to the type of fuel used for different boilers are not the same, so there is such a different type of gas boilers and gas boilers. So both types of boilers in addition to the fuel used in the combustion is not the same, between the coal-fired boilers and gas boilers, what difference does it make? 1, fuel is coal flue gas of coal-fired boilers used in different, when coal combustion will have a greater smoke caused serious pollution to the environment, however, high stability of the gas after combustion boiler did not smoke exhaust, because the basic gas on can be completely burned, toxic black smoke can reach zero ringelman level, SO2 content of which is very small, so there is no pollution to the environment. 2, different heat loss in order to allow coal-fired boilers to maintain sufficient combustion efforts require the use of human or other device to stop adding coal-fired furnace, when the need intermittent operation, it takes a long time to start to increase again furnace temperature, it will generate a lot of heat when the pressure of the fire damage, while the gas boiler is very easy to start and stop, fast heating intermittent operation, thereby reducing heat loss in this process. 3, different treatment after burning coal combustion in the boiler will produce large amounts of ash, in order to maintain a good healthy environment need to transport ash to the professional field slag processing, however, gas-fired boiler using gas , there will be no remaining after combustion ash, there is no need to process it, not only to avoid environmental pollution also reduces the labor intensity and the amount of urban ash storage and transportation companies. This is more than some of the differences between the three coal-fired boilers and gas boilers. By introducing the above we can understand the essential difference between the two boilers can understand, it is because of gas boilers more environmentally friendly energy was gradually replace coal-fired boilers. However, if companies need to use this boiler, in order to advance understanding of the security needs of gas-fired boilers which have quality assurance.

It is understood that, recently, the ecological environment Department of Henan Province issued the "Henan electricity in 2019 non-standard governance program industry" and six special programs, mainly to further promote the campaign of air pollution control, to ensure that the province's ambient air quality continues to improve. Meanwhile, the "plan" also made clear this year Henan Province industrial air pollution control in key tasks.

The province meet the conditions of steel, coke, cement, carbon (including graphite), flat glass (including electronic glass), aluminum and other six major industries and enterprises, the requirements before the end of this year to complete the mentioned standard treatment, the required limits for reducing pollutant emissions. Carry closed down or banned brick kiln, lime kiln, tunnel kiln, firing kiln and a variety of smelting furnace, roaster and so on nine categories of Kiln, upgrading, restructuring and integration work. Before the end of October this year, all kinds of industrial furnaces to achieve discharge standards.

Before the end of June this year, the province's petrochemical, oil refining, industrial coating, packaging, printing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industrial enterprises, the full completion of volatile organic compounds pollution control; before the end of August, the province's petrochemical, oil refining companies to complete volatile organic compounds depth governance and leak detection and repair of governance; before the end of December, the provincial cities of built-up areas phasing out the open dry-cleaning machine.

Before the end of October this year, in addition to undertaking tasks and will not have the alternative livelihood conditions, the province completed 35 steam tons / h coal-fired boilers and the removal or clean energy transformation, provincial cities and county (city) district built 4 tons of steam and above gas-fired boiler, fuel (including alcohol-based fuel) boiler low nitrogen transformation complete, the provincial municipality to build a biomass boiler area (including biomass power plants) completed the first ultra-low emissions transformation. Before the end of June this year, the completion of the provincial cities to build coal-fired facilities Chaigai all industrial areas.

Gas oil furnace and expansion tank should pay attention to what effect the high slot: the gas oil furnace, I believe we will not feel strange, but should also have a certain degree of knowledge and understanding, if the box has been concerned about the 1 ton hot boilers for hotels heating in tangerang site, and at the same time to carefully read the relevant article, and at the same time, to grasp their knowledge of words. So, based on this, then, we will continue this work, to promote a good learning process of the product, and so that everyone from a new harvest and inspiration. 1. Gas conducting oil conducting oil furnace exhaust port, which is typically what position the boiler on? HTF HTF furnace gas exhaust port, generally speaking, at the top of the boiler, i.e. high boiler shell. Furthermore, in this site, as well as the seat member, it is mainly used to install safety valve. Moreover, this drawing on the boiler, also will be marked out, as long as you can read drawings, you can, so can avoid making mistakes. 2. Gas expansion slot conducting oil furnace, which is in use, should pay attention to what issues? Gas expansion tank of oil furnace, the origin of their name, in part because of the boiler will heat transfer oil into the expansion slot, the expansion play a role. And this means that during erection, caution needs to be done is, it can not be damaged or broken. In addition, the oil level in the expansion tank, should be well controlled, so as to ensure the normal operation of the boiler.


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